Vision & Mission

Support ambitious organisations reach their targets

Address complexity through prioritised and simple high-quality services and solutions 

Translate strategy into initiatives and execute in time to meet or exceed clients’ targets 


Through a broad experience and a highly diverse skillset facilitate senior and executive decision making and lead/support the execution of strategic initiatives


Make company strategy come to life through a focus on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and continuous improvement


Ensure the golden treat between business value, quality and products is established and maintained

Principal Consultant

Ann Lisa Georgia James

A career within change management, digital & leadership​

Facilitate executive and senior leadership decisions in digital, change management and vendor management

Pragmatic people person with a thorough knowledge of leading strategic initiatives and executing on strategic decisions

Structured analytical mindset always looking to simplify solutions to complex challenges

Dane understanding the benefit of inclusion from being part of / leading diverse successful teams

International experience from many years in European countries working for global organisations in several sectors

Way of Working

Include and gain Perspective

Listen and ask to understand and learn
The ability to see the bigger picture and the less obvious perspectives

Integrity and Care

Quality, the core of services and solutions
Ambitious, realistic and motivated by challenges and opportunities to make a positive impact

Focus and Succeed

Commitment, a promise
A desire to follow through by creating and maintaining the needed focus and sense of urgency